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Jan. 2nd, 2008

IF one lives with you...

Drink your blood by moonlight,
Whiskers seem to sprout,
"Normal" can be different,
What is Life about?,

Monsters are more real,
IF one lives with you,
Much less of a stretch,
IF your life too BLUE,

Darkness was my friend,
'for then my monster slept,
After beating over,
After tears were wept,

"Hey!, That's not fair!",
Someone somewhere worse,
Some tortured are not here,
Did not survive their curse...

Jan. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

Warfare for the young-at-heart,
Too tired is this tree,
Self-evident to others,
Regulations be,
Verse and Chapter quote,
Bow before some king,
IF you ask me nicely,
You MAY kiss my ring,
Learn of me a lesson,
Of Pufferfish too fat,
Often burst their Ego,
On their face fall flat,
Know EXACTLY who you are,
Claim a little less,
Room to be Forgiving,
Taught by Gramma Bess,
Wisely choose your battles,
Stand on what you know,
Serve you all Eternal[Beauty,Justice,Mercy,ect...],
Your victories will grow...

Dec. 3rd, 2006

Another was Alone...

Long before there was a man,
Before there was a tree,
Another was Alone,
Not even rocks; debris,
This one CANNOT imagine,
Life in empty space,
No one but yourself,
No mirror for your face,
Said They let's make Man,
His image is Our Own,
Globe where we could live,
Where flora/fauna grown,
Alpha and Omega,
Thank You for Your Gifts,
Omission also crime,
That You can love us all,
Who live and die in blink,
Mere words cannot express,
Miraculous this link...

Oct. 31st, 2006

Are altruisms just a legend???

Know that I am pissed,
Does my land know shame?,
What have we become?,
Who must shoulder blame?,
Once a people proud,
Altruistic: free,
If for Justice yearns,
Something wrong with thee,
Chosen we have money,
False idol of the flea,
Shocking now mundane,
Nothing pin on me,
One who works is stupid,
When on the streets can roam,
Mothers raise their children,
Fathers never home,
Paternity IF caught,
Like a lotto; game,
"That is not my child",
Other boyfriends blame,
Unprintable the names,
Call they one held dear,
Or else a one night's stand,
Who's lying seldom clear,
How will grow the sons,
IF no fathers seen,
Worse; the flow of "uncles",
The good~the bad~the mean,
Teach them will TV,
For mother has no time,
Their wants instead of needs,
The social ladder climb,
There will be a remnant,
We are told it's so,
A tiny ember lives,
Loyal hearts still glow,
History repeats,
When lessons are forgot,
When altruisms legend,
When Justice can be bought,
Occupy until He comes,
For the remnant fight,
Like the middle ages,
Your lamp will light the Night...

P.S. How can you tell if a politician's lying???

A: Their lips are moving...

Oct. 30th, 2006

Potential cannot see...

Frittered I away my time,
Killed I way too much,
Hours in the service,
Poised but out of touch,
Tension all the time,
Begins to wear away,
Life becomes a tunnel,
Reduced to shades of grey,
Dictionary read,
It seemed a thing to do,
Memories exchanged,
Was storyteller too,
Remember I wierd sh--,
Perhaps its' only me,
Seem to be recorder,
Of all I hear and see,
Random chance has favored,
Survival, so it seems,
Superman when young,
Ran cross-country teams,
Never was I fast,
But always could run far,
It seemed I was machine,
When little helped by tar,
Barefoot I would run,
The asphalt was a coal,
Chased by large n mean,
Home of course the goal,
"Watership Down" has Fiver,
Bipolar rabbit he,
Killed when they are caught,
But first they must catch thee,
Comedian began,
Laughing couldn't hit,
Distract them from their goal,
Amused sometimes they quit,
Humor as a weapon,
Crazy you must be,
Grasp at any straw,
'fore drown in terror's sea,
Improvise, adapt,
Become what you must be,
Overcome your odds,
Vareeeables[ph] alter thee,
Crafted AFTER angels,
Improved the model be,
Crafted in His image,
Potential cannot see,
That I may be a vessel,
A tool in Master's hands,
God's swiss army knife,
Through Mercy this one stands,,,

Oct. 22nd, 2006

Old shoes we wore today...

Speak to you of sphincters,
Do not waste your time,
Sphincters will be sphincters,
Not a human crime,
Serve as bad example,
Of a life gone wrong,
Sometimes worship self,
The center of their song,
Something happened long ago,
To set them on this path,
Could not engender love,
Settled they for wrath,
Feeding on our hatred,
They copy living dead,
Vampires of the soul,
Are something all should dread,
As if you stepped in waste,
Wipe; be on your way,
Thankfull we should be,
Old shoes we wore today...

Oct. 14th, 2006

A gorilla's rise and fall...

Long ago and far away,
There lived a little boy,
Lived with what he had,
Peace he could enjoy,
Lived with him a monster,
Who wore a friendly face,
Never see the strike,
Like phantom out of space,
Learned the boy to run,
Learned the boy: he hides,
Fetal was he folded,
Protect the soft insides,
Fox had gone to ground,
Darkness filled the sky,
Feet and fists now flew,
Hurt too bad to cry,
Made he then a promise,
To Him-he-held-most-dear,
If He would make me strong,
The weak would know no fear,
Stood there then gorilla,
Where once had been a twig,
Scarecrow still was there,
Even when he's big,
Inside the boy was broken,
Torture lit the fuse,
Heard a cry for help,
Bully now must choose,
"This is not your business",
"Leave, just walk away",
Knew he not held me,
His poor and helpless prey,
Grin would then gorilla,
Growlin' teeth would grind,
Deeper would he breathe,
Vision tunnel find,
Torture you will NOT,
To stop me I must die,
Hurt him at your pearill[ph],
No more will this one cry,
One I had to throw,
The others only lifted,
Bullies have no heart,
Thuggish brutal gifted,
Now I am a troll,
Weak as water be,
But this one is old,
Crafty is this tree,
Draw the Foe in close,
Another feeb can't fight,
Caution fall asleep,
Forget that I can bite...

Oct. 13th, 2006

Let My Roots Grow Deep...

What do I control?,
What power given me?,
I have been freeborn,
Blood has made me free,
Also loves me best,
HIS mercy is my luck,
My trials are a test,
Remember please the vets,
Who died to keep us free,
Watered with their blood,
Freedom grand old tree,
Let me be a weed,
Let my roots go deep,
Let others bear You flowers,
Comfort as we weep,
Naked did I come,
Naked will I go,
Wasted too much time,
The good I did below,
Enemies I wish no harm,
Please let them meet my Friend,
That their souls may grow,
And the weak defend,
Malikye[sp] said it best,
Justice, Mercy, Humble,
Yea, I know it's corny,
Help me not to stumble...

Oct. 12th, 2006


No one ever reads,
No one comes my way,
Alone here in my skull,
In a world too grey,
Whine? consider logic,
Two and two are four,
Iron sharpens iron,
To be I must be more,
I think: therefore I am,
I am more than meat,
Other spirits need,
To make my soul complete...

Adapt, Overcome, Improvise[USMC]

Walking down a hill,
Roses here abide,
Bessie held my hand,
Built the man inside,
Courage learned from her,
Cancer ate her bones,
Knowledge I have gained,
Foundation built of stones,
Offered me the proof,
What she said was true,
She sometimes my anchor,
When my world too blue,
Eat you can the darkness,
If you have no choice,
Feed on your attackers,
For any gift rejoice,
I will be a vapor,
Blows will count for naught,
Corners of my eyes,
Sometimes movement caught,
Mind could send away,
When my body hurt,
Beat the side of beef,
Soul would just dessert,
Innocent am I?,
Caused no hurt or pain?,
Mercy give to others,
Mercy I will gain...

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